Diabetes Program

Diabetes Disease Management Program

The Diabetes Management Program for the Panama Canal Area Benefit Plan offers a comprehensive approach to diabetes self-management education. We provide a highly individualized program that is customized to your unique needs. We offer all the tools you need to gain control of your diabetes, improve your health and feel your very best. The program is staffed by a multidisciplinary team of diabetes specialists who work closely with you, your physician and other healthcare providers. The Diabetes Management benefit is only available to POS members in the Republic of Panama. However, we have extended the Diabetes Management Program formulary to FFS members of the Plan as of 2010.

Helping You Gain Control Over Diabetes

Modern research has provided an unprecedented range of effective treatments for diabetes, greatly reducing the risks of serious complications. Finding a healthy personal balance -- learning to control your blood sugar levels through a combination of good nutrition, exercise and often medication -- is key to successfully managing your diabetes.  Our customized outpatient self-management program includes working closely with your referring healthcare provider; our caring staff will educate you about diabetes, home glucose monitoring, healthy nutrition, appropriate exercise and careful medication management, if needed, so that you can effectively manage your diabetes and enjoy an improved quality of life. Additional programs on special topics are offered periodically, such as healthy eating, heart health and stress management.  

Eligibility Requirements for the Diabetes Management Program:  



·   Member of the Panama Canal Area Benefit Plan

·       Diabetes diagnosis established through the diabetes diagnosis protocol

·       PCP notification to AXA of the patient’s inclusion in the diabetes program

Available Benefits through the Diabetes Management Program:

·         HbA1c at no cost to the patient; every 6 months for patients with results within accepted standards and every 3 months for patients with abnormal results

·         Annual determination of fasting lipid profile, including: total cholesterol, HDL, triglycerides and LDL

·         Annual microalbuminuria test

·         Medication to treat diabetes and its complications as specifically approved by the Plan*

·         Counseling and education sessions provided by a physician as approved by the Plan

·         Toe nail clipping and foot care every 3 months by the PCP

·         Glucometer, lancets and strips as approved by the Plan

Download the Panama Canal Area Benefit Plan "Diabetes Program Prescription Form 2019"

*Only medication to treat diabetes listed on the Plan’s formulary for diabetes are covered at 100% for FFS members in the

Medication Name/Dosage
Amlodipine 5 mg
Atenolol 100mg
Atorvastatina 20mg
Atorvastatina 10mg
Candesartan + HCTZ, tabletas de 16/12.5 mg
Candesartan 16mg
Enalapril 20mg
Ezetimibe + Simvastatina 10/20mg
Fenofibrato 250mg
Furosemide, 40mg
Glimepiride 4mg
Glyburide / Glibenclamida, 5mg
Hidroclorotiazida/triamterene 25/50mg
Ibersartan 300mg
Ibersartan/Hidroclorotiazida 300/12.5mg
Ibersartan/Hidroclorotiazida 300/25mg
Insulina Lispro, 100U/mlxvial 10ml
Insulina, 70/30, vial 10cc
Insulina, NPH, vial 10cc
Insulina, reg. Vial 10cc
Metformin, 500mg
Metformin, 850mg
Ramipril 10mg
Ramipril 5mg
Rosuvastatina 10mg
Sitagliptina 100mg
Controlip 160mg/Fenofibrato 160mg
Insulina Glargina 100 U.I/ml/Lantus 100 U.I/ml
Sitagliptina 50mg+Metformina 500mg/Janumet 50 /500mg
Agujas para plumas de insulina 4mm
Agujas para plumas de insulina 8mm
Metformina 50mg liberación prolongada/Glisulin XR 500mg

2019 Diabetes Management Program Statistics


Below is a summary of the most important statistics of the Diabetes disease management program:


Members  2,726


Patients with  HbA 1 C evaluation


Patients with Lipid Panel


Patients with microalbuminuria evaluation


HbA1C = Glycosylated hemoglobin

Lipid Panel =  Cholesterol
            HDL COL = high-density lipoprotein cholesterol
            TG = triglycerides cholesterol
            LDL COL = low-density lipoprotein cholesterol